Previous Projects

I engage in research that is collaborative, grounded in Indigenous ways of knowing and address needs identified by Indigenous peoples, communities and nations. Below are some of the projects that I have been involved in:

Principal Investigator. (2018-2019). Investigating Food Sovereignty as a Best Practice Framework for Health Interventions in Rural and Urban Hubs in Northern Ontario. Funded by CIHR, Catalyst Grant.

In partnership with WNHAC and Shkagamik-Kwe Health Centre (SKHC), this project created an Indigenous health framework that acknowledges deep and meaningful relationships with the land and a series of educational videos.

Principal Investigator. (2018/2019). Indigenous Program Pathways, Phase Two: Student Experiences. Funded by ONCAT (Canadore College Principal Applicant).

In follow up to phase one, this project explored Indigenous program pathways in Ontario from the perspectives of students. This included Indigenous learners in both Indigenous and non-Indigenous programs and non-Indigenous learners in Indigenous programs through a mixed methods collaborative approach.

Co-Investigator. (2018/2019). The Indigenous Circle: Reconciliation and Resurgence through Food in Northwestern Ontario. Funded by SSHRC, partnership engage grant.

Co-Investigator (2018/19). “When the Snow Blankets the Earth, It is Time to Tell Stories”: Using Digital Technology and Indigenous Storytelling to Communicate Research on Lac Seul First Nation’s History. Funded by SSHRC, Indigenous Research Capacity and Reconciliation Connection Grant.

Co-Investigator. (2017/2019). Nokiiwin Student Transitions Research Project. Funded by INAC, New Paths for Education: Research, Measurement, Evaluation and Knowledge Transfer Initiative.

Principal Investigator (2015-2018). Indigenous Quality Assurance – a northern colleges collaborative approach. Funded by the Ministry of Training, Colleges, and Universities, Targeted Initiative Fund. (Principal Applicant, Mary Wabano).

Through this project an Indigenous quality assurance process with the capacity to interface with the current provincial process was created for use in the northern colleges. This included the development of a set of quality assurance standards.

Principal Investigator (2016-2017). Pathway Inventory of Indigenous Postsecondary Programs and Community Based Deliveries (aka. The Indigenous Pathways Inventory Project, Phase 1). Funded by the Ontario Council of Articulation and Transfer (ONCAT). (Principal Applicant, Jeannette Miron).

Using a mixed methods approach, this project sought to understand the status of Indigenous program pathways in Ontario from an institutional perspective.

Principal Investigator (2014-2016). Best Practices in Aboriginal Learning Among Ontario’s Northern Colleges. Funded by the Ministry of Training, Colleges, and Universities, Targeted Initiative Fund. (Principal Applicant, Brenda Small).

Co-Investigator (2014-2016). Pathways for Aboriginal Learners: Collaborating across Aboriginal Institutes, Colleges and Universities. Funded by the Ontario Council of Articulation and Transfer (ONCAT).

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