Invited Talks

Agathangelou, A., Bouka, Y., Henry, M., Hozić, A., Koomen, J., Ray, L., & Sjoberg, L. (November 2021). Feminist Panel. International Studies Association-Northeast 2021: ‘Global Transformations and a Changing Discipline’.

Ray, L. (November, 2021). Critical Service Learning in Indigenous Contexts: The History of Indigenous Health Care project. 6th Congress on Education, Universidad Nacional de Chimborazo (UNACH). Riobamba, Ecuador.

Ray, L. (March, 2021).  Indigenous health research. “Research at St. Joseph’s Care Group” panel presentation at Research and Innovation Week.  Lakehead University, Thunder Bay.

Flynn, K., Ray, L. & N. Massaquoi. (January, 2021). (Care)ful Disruption: Indigenous and Black Women’ Standpoints on Care as a Strategy of Resistance and Continuance. Gender & History.

Ray, L. (November, 2020). Wreckonciliation and Whiteness in Indigenous Post-Secondary Education. Keynote Address. Student Success Symposium Change, Disruption, Access: Debriefing the New Normal–Impacts to Student Success and Colonial Ways of Knowing. University of Toronto-Scarborough.

Ray, L. (October 2020). Turtle Woman Goes to University: Constructing Indigenous Space in Post-Secondary Education. Keynote Address. CONACYT-CITNOVA Congress on “The Integration of Indigenous Women in Social Entrepreneurial Projects for Regional Development and Social Innovation”. Hidalgo, Mexico-online conference.

Ray, L. (July 2020). Indigenous Education in our Digital Age: Diaspora, (Dis)connection & Disillusionment. Forum on Intercultural Universities and Distance Education in the Pandemic. Universidad Intercultural de Chiapas, Chiapas, Mexico.

Ray, L. (June 2020). Covid 19: Circumstance and Considerations among Indigenous peoples in Canada. Universidad Nacional de Chimborazo (UNACH). Riobamba Ecuador.

Ray, L. (January, 2020). Reconsidering the “TRC” in the Critical: Engaging with Critical Methodologies in the Era of Truth and Reconciliation. Centre for Critical Qualitative Health Research Seminar Series. University of Toronto. Toronto, ON.

Ray, L. (April, 2019). “Reconcili-ACTION”: Indigenous quality assurance. Full day session at Canadore College, North Bay, ON.

Ray, L. & D. Bannerman. (February, 2019). Building a strong fire, Indigenous quality assurance standards in Ontario colleges: A two-eyed seeing approach. Panel presentation at Research and Innovation Week, Two-eyed seeing panel.  Lakehead University, Thunder Bay.

Ray, L. (January, 2019). Tree of Research Ethics for Indigenous Education (TREIE): An Indigenous Research Framework. Nokiwin Tribal Council Research Framework Gathering, Thunder Bay.

Ray, L. (January, 2019). Indigenous peoples, allyship and conservation panel. Community Dialogue: Conservation through an Indigenous Human Rights Lens Conference. Thunder Bay, ON.

Ray, L., Berger, P., & J. Boan. (March, 2018). Climate Change and Alliance Building Panel. Lakehead University Aboriginal Awareness Week, Thunder Bay.

Ray, L. (June, 2017). Institutional Journeys in indigenization: Key considerations. Panel presentation at Indigenous professional development, Assiniboine College, Brandon, Manitoba.

Ray, L. (May, 2015).  Kinoo’ amaadawaad Megwaa Doodamawaad (they are learning together while they are doing): Working with indigenous peoples on community based research.  Paper presented at Heads of Applied Research (provincial committee) Professional Development Day. George Brown College-Waterfront Campus, Toronto.

Ray, L. (October, 2012). Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women.  Rendez-Vous Conference, Valhalla Inn, Thunder Bay.

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